What Sports uniforms can Shot create? 

We specialize in Basketball, Touch, Rugby and Netball uniforms. 

What customization options are available for uniforms, such as fabric, color, and design choices?

Customers can message us for any specific uniforms they need, and we can discuss the available customization options for fabric, color, and design based on their requirements. We have many items available, however most sports uniforms are made from polyester and cotton.

How long does it take to create a custom made sports uniform and what is the process for ordering?

The typical timeframe for a standard size order of 10-20 uniforms is 4-5 weeks from the time of payment. The process for ordering involves discussing customization requirements, receiving a quote based on the selected options, payment, and then production

What is the cost of creating a custom uniform, including any additional fees for customization?

We do not charge anything for custom names or numbers on the uniforms. Pricing will vary depending on the sport, quantities and specific customization options selected. To get a more accurate idea, send through a message regarding your teams needs and well send through a quote. The cost of our base basketball uniforms starts at $55 per singlet for orders of 10, with pricing decreasing for larger orders. Additional customization options may come with additional fees. We can provide a detailed quote for each customer's specific requirements.

What Sizes can you do?

Our uniforms go up to 5XL, for custom sizes or specific sport sizing, feel free to ask for more info. 

A size chart can be accessed via the link below 



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Uniforms Done your way!

From Soccer to Basketball, Rugby to athletics, we cater to all types of sports. We aim to provide teams with the freedom to express their unique identity through custom apparel. Let us bring your visions into life by crafting teamwear that stands out on and off the field. We have a minimum order of 10 pieces for most items, contact us for more info.

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